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Runaid 10 BLE4.0 Running Watch
  • Runaid 10 BLE4.0 Running Watch 1

Runaid 10 BLE4.0 Running Watch

Product code:FB006

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Runaid 10 Bluetooth Running Watch could connect your SmartPhone by Bluetooth Smart 4.0, not only could operate on SmartPhone directly, also could continue receive the data from Smartphone, and display on watch during exercising. Runner could always know the data of heart rate or steps.

※Note: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.​
Note: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.


  • SmartPhone Integration
  • Bluetooth Smart syncs wirelessly
  • One button start
  • World time
  • Heart rate exceeded alert
  • Calorie consumption calculation (heart rate)
  • Memory files contains up to 16 training results
  • Stopwatch, countdown timer
  • User personal settings
  • Long-lasting, replaceable coin cell battery
  • Reach goal alert
  • Current time, Time/ Date, Alarm, EL Backlight, Stopwatch/Countdown Timer






Set-up Easily
Normally, it is easier to set-up your personal profile or training program on the SmartPhone than the watch. You just need seconds to set-up before starting workout.


Keep Your SmartPhone Safely
Put your SmartPhone into your pocket, or with the armband. Runaid 10 enable to display the real-time data from your SmartPhone. You don’t have to worry about the SmartPhone dropping from sweaty hand.

Leave Your SmartPhone
Tired of carry a weighty phone during workout? Upload your setting from SmartPhone to Runaid 10 before starting workout. Then, leave the SmartPhone and enjoy the run freely.

Save Battery Life
Monitor your workout data from Runaid 10 instead of from SmartPhone. SmartPhone display keeps in sleep mode so that you do not have to worry about SmartPhone run out off battery during workout.

SmartPhone Connect Choosable
It is okay if you do not like to run with SmartPhone or you do not have  a SmartPhone. Runaid 10 also supports set-up training program directly on it.


Ready to Run
Runaid 10 was designed to be easy using. You can start your run just with the press of a hotkey. Anytime you would like to start, just press and run!

Upload to SmartPhone
Runaid 10 enable to upload the post-run summary to the SmartPhone via Bluetooth 4.0. You can upload the data to SmartPhone and share to friends on social network.


Recommend to use Bluetooth Smart 4.0 equipment ( Purchase Additional )
ALATECH CS011 two-snapelastic strap, use front closure design, comfortelastic material and easy wearing. With low power consumption, high performance Bluetooth Smart 4.0 wireless technology. It could show real-time, average and maximum heart rate when you wear it do exercise, helps to control the exercise intensity and self training status.

Alatech GS002 could track your running, speed and distance data in real-time.


Why heart rate based training?

Provides an easy way to select and monitor the intensity of your training and to follow ALA COACH+ App sport zones based on the percentage of the maximum heart rate. It is an excellent way of understanding your body and helps you train at the right intensity to avoid insufficient training and reduce exercise risk.

Maximum Heart Rate (HRmax, MHR)=220-Age
Refer to the below ALA COACH+ App sport zones table and calculate your intensity% by HRmax formula.


  • Integrates Music Playing.
  • Multiple Activity Preference Choosable.
  • Creates Personalized Programs.
  • Maps GPS Location.
  • Captures Run Laps.
  • Measure Exercise Intensity (real-time heart rate,maximum heart rate, average heart rate).
  • Calculates Caloric Expenditure (calories, fat-calories, fat and carbohydrates percentage).
  • Shares Your Workout.
  • Allows Background Execution during Another Application Running or in Sleep Mode.
Records and tracks the progress of your calorie, weight, blood pressure, resting pulse, and sleep. Helps you do the self health management. ALA Coach+ app is free download in the Apple App Store or Google Play and compatible with many Bluetooth® Smart (BLE 4.0) sensors and fitness devices. ALA Coach+ app supported mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.0.
Track Your Activity
ALA Coach+ tracks your real-time heart rate,maximum heart rate, average heart rate, calories, distance, duration, steps, cadence, speed, pace, gradient and more.
Personalized and Optimized
ALA Coach+ helps you to determine your own personal fitness level. Different people have different goals such as health issue, weight loss, or performance enhancement. It provides accurate heart rate zone for you to follow.
View the Details and Progress
ALA Coach+ summarizes your workout valuable data. It also maps your routes, gives you great in workout graphs and metrics, and so much more!