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Star2 GPS sports Watch-Pink

Product code:WB002-PINK

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●Built-in 9-axis G-Sensor, Gyroscope, and M-sensor
Running, cycling, swimming, hiking, strength training are all covered 24/7 in your reports. See your step count, distance, total time, calorie-burn, sleep quality, and heart rate zones recorded by Star 2.
●5ATM Waterproof
Professional waterproof specification
●Multi sports mode
→ Indoor and outdoor modes
→ Auto swimming stroke-type recognition
→ Connectable with bike sensors
→ Trace Back features for hiking
→ Strength training recording
●Full Workout Report Storage
All the activity types and reports will be automatically uploaded to the GPT Center, detailed analysis report can be view for future reference.
●Standby up to 23 days, and GPS mode up to 13 hours
The enduring battery life allows you to enjoy your favorite sports and feel ready for more adventures.
●Connect with other heart rate monitors, speed & cadence sensors, and fitness equipment.
●New Lifestyle
With Star2’s simple and fashionable design plus the waterproof feature, it is suitable not just for sports but also everyday life.
Brightened up your life by watch face options and notification settings.
●Connectable to heart rate monitor sensors, speed & cadence sensors, and fitness equipment.
●Connect your sporty side to your social life through uploading your sports achievement.

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