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CS004 2.4G Heart Rate Strap

CS004 2.4G Heart Rate Strap

Product code:CS004

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★ 2.4 GHz Wireless heart rate strap.
★ Elastic textile strap brings more comfortable wearing.


CS004 heart rate strap could keep detect your heart rate in exercise and send the BPM with wireless to HRM watch display, let you monitor your heart rate change anytime and help you to control the intensity, achieve training goals. Using replaceable battery design to make user more convenient, moreover, the adjustable soft elastic webbing design could fit your chest well, bring you the comfort experience.

How to wear the heart rate strap:

STEP 1. Adjust the elastic strap for a proper length for a snug fit your body.

STEP 2. Wet the portion of A and B at the back of the strap with water before wearing.

STEP 3. Wear the chest strap (the metal button should be front) under the chest (pectoral), and then tail the hook for two sides.

STEP 4. Buckle the CS004 to the two strap snaps.

STEP 5. Start exercise.
NOTE: This product is only available for sports, not for any medical use. If you are implanted pacemaker or any other medical electronic device, do not use this product.

Why heart rate based training?

Provides an easy way to select and monitor the intensity of your training and to follow ALA COACH+ App sport zones based on the percentage of the maximum heart rate. It is an excellent way of understanding your body and helps you train at the right intensity to avoid insufficient training and reduce exercise risk.

Maximum Heart Rate (HRmax, MHR)=220-Age
Refer to the below ALA COACH+ App sport zones table and calculate your intensity% by HRmax formula.