Distributor /Reseller
If you are unable to purchase products from our website, please contact one of our international distributors.
Country Company website
Germany Conrad Electronic S.E. https://www.conrad.de/
Austria Conrad Electronic GmbH & Co.KG https://www.conrad.at/
Belgium Conrad Electronic Benelux BV http://www.conrad.be/
Czech Republic Conrad Electronic Česká republika s.r.o. http://www.conrad.cz/
Denmark Conrad Elektronik Norden AB http://www.conrad.dk/
France Conrad Electronic S.A.S. http://www.conrad.fr/
Hungary SZINKER Kft. https://www.conrad.hu/
Italy Conrad Electronic Italia srl http://www.conrad.it/ce/
Poland Conrad Electronic Sp.z o.o. https://www.conrad.pl/
Slovenia Conrad Electronic d.o.o.k.d. http://www.conrad.si/
Sweden Conrad Elektronik Norden AB https://www.conrad.se/
Switzerland Conrad Electronic AG http://www.conrad.ch/
Switzerland PowerCoach http://www.powercoachacademy.com/
The Netherlands Conrad Electronic Benelux BV https://www.conrad.nl/
United Kindom Conrad Electronic UK Ltd.  http://www.conrad-electronic.co.uk/ce/
Spain Selfloops http://store.selfloops.com/
Spain Fitnessdigital www.fitnessdigital.com